Schwan: In City Hall debate, consider the customer

A proposed city administration building.
A proposed city administration building.

I was so close to throwing the entire box away without opening it.

Covered in dust, in my garage, sat a box I had hauled out of City Hall in the days before my appointment as chief of staff ended in mid-2010.

It’s funny how the crucial work product of six years ago had become little more than clutter to me.

But for some reason, I opened the box before tossing it.

And there, sitting right on top, was one of the reports I had felt was worth saving: an analysis that recommended how to address adding office space for city government.

“Office Space Utilization Analysis,” read the report, dated 2008 and completed by The Winkels Group. Inside was a detailed analysis of current and projected city office space needs as well as phased recommendations starting that year and continuing potentially through 2025.

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