Builders see growing market for tiny houses

A tiny house in Madison, S.D. (Jodi Schwan/SFBJ)
A tiny house in Madison, S.D. (Jodi Schwan/SFBJ)

It’s just under 300 square feet, but touring this tiny house for sale in Vermillion takes some time.

The main floor at 240 square feet includes a living space, kitchen with fridge and stove, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

A table or desk can be converted into a window bench. One sink serves both the kitchen and bathroom. A sleeper sofa fits, but a Murphy bed would be an option, too.

A loft above adds room for storage or sleeping.

“We crammed a lot of stuff into 240 square feet,” said Nick Larson, vice president of Builders Choice USA, which manufactured the house. “We tried to make it a convertible space.”

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