Events fill up new barn venues

The Meadow Barn in Harrisburg (Jay Pickthorn/Argus Leader Media)
The Meadow Barn in Harrisburg (Jay Pickthorn/Argus Leader Media)

Event planner Addie Graham-Kramer had a request from a bride last summer she couldn’t fulfill.

The woman wanted to get married in a barn.

“And we didn’t have anything,” said Graham-Kramer, founder of The Event Company. “So she reached out to someone in Wisconsin, and they were considering having their whole wedding in Wisconsin just to be in that setting. People have wanted it, and it’s happening all over the country.”

Barn venues reached the Sioux Falls market in a big way this year, with three new sites opening within a 30-minute drive of the city and another not far away in the Okoboji area of northwest Iowa.


“It’s a big thing the market has wanted,” Graham-Kramer said. “It’s really unique, though, that they’re all happening at once. I’ve never seen where you’ve got three venues all popping up at once.”

Equally striking, however, is the demand. Each new venue reports limited to no options for weekend events this year and into next fall.

“I anticipate some of our current clients are going to want to shift venues, especially repeat events, and just want to be out there because it’s unique,” Graham-Kramer said. “Once you step into these venues and these spaces, you almost feel like you’re in a different city.”

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